Aukse Zdanaviciute

Kretinga, Lithuania

Bauty specialist providing services in Kretinga, Lithuania.

Her interest in the field of beauty began since she was 14 years old, that’s when her first makeup work began.

Followed by professional training and development in eyebrow design and lamination procedures, Aukse became specialised in multiple areas. That’s how she discovered Lash Vitae and was thrilled with the results.

Natural beauty, which can be improved with Lash Vitae procedures, encourages moving forward at work and provides the greatest motivation.

She gladly conveys all her knowledge to her students, and shows dedication so that they fall in love with the realm of beauty as Aukse does.

TRAININGS: Lash&Brow Lift/Lamination, Eyelash extension, Brow styling.


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