Eyelash lamination

New procedure - lamination with Lash Vitae

This procedure is a real outbreak in the eyelash lamination industry!

The formulas were developed in Sweden and were subjected to all possible scientific tests.

The unique formula of the “Triple Regeneration” complex ensures reconstruction: its microparticles penetrate into the interior of the hair, where adhesion to keratin fibers takes place, and fill the voids as a building material.

This means that we increase the vitality of the hair several times, nourish it deeply – the macro elements do not remain on the surface of the lashes or under the cuticle area, which would promote leaching and reduce effectiveness, and the molecular formula allows it to penetrate and remain there for several months; in addition, thickening of the lashes due to proliferation of keratinocytes inside the hair occurs.

Contains unique peptides (an innovation in the world of cosmetology) that not only restores hair, improves follicular development, but also strengthens hair roots and promotes its growth.

The measures contain the ‘greenest’ components in the world, they do not have a ‘sodium bromate’ banned in Europe. All components that could adversely affect the hair were eliminated from them. Also does not contain fragrances, odor neutralizers.

The new procedure and materials will interest any master, but what sets Lash Vitae apart from others?

Contains amino acids that are like a building block for lashes. These amino acids are artificially created, BUT they integrate perfectly into our natural lashes! Our lashes look like a common cable – it is filled with “tubes” that contain millions more tubes, with amino acid “springs”, and any failure of the “spring” causes them to rupture. In order to recover them, you need a building material that will “penetrate and seal”. It will not fill the cavities like sand, but will penetrate all the cavities of your vessel, filling them with quality as if there were no cracks – basically, this is the principle of welding! But you may ask – what about botox? So, botox is like sand, it fills in the blanks, feeds, but, unfortunately, after a while it washes out. Our products’ function is to nourish, moisturize, soften and protect the hair from external factors.

The main advantage of the procedure lies in the fact that the complex penetrates the area of the follicles, stays there for almost two months and promotes the formation of amino acids needed for hair structure. The latter, in turn, expand the capillaries and launch an incredible rhythm, as in construction: “we have to work overtime, we work without breaks, lunches and breaks, we deliver the object ahead of the competitors.” After all, the body, as a builder, “builds” just to make it on time, and just for the sake of the eyes – one layer of cuticles, and in fact there is a void inside.

With Lash Vitae the synthesis takes place naturally, so after the procedure the lashes grow a little thicker, denser and stronger. Do not expect the effect of careprost. Everything is natural, but the result is obvious!

The compositions have an extended effect, their purpose is an aesthetic, beautiful image of curled lashes, the restoration of the integrity of the lashes from the inside, and the renewal of the lashes, i. giving density and thickness.

The natural but slightly accentuated beauty will always look more enchanting. We each have an exceptional charm in ourselves, so why not emphasize it, and especially in a way that helps revitalize your lashes.

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