Hybrid Brows by Brow Power

Hybrid Brows courses, Price: 7500 kr

Highlight the most beautiful features of the face with the new generation eyebrow dye “BROW POWER”! This is a new product on the market, which will impress not only customers, but also beauty professionals!

Vitae Beauty is a trusted brand in the beauty market, known for innovation, professionalism and quality.

Therefore, with great pleasure, we present our new product – the innovative Brow Power Hybrid Liquid dye – a long-lasting, liquid-consistency eyebrow dye. It’s a revolution in eyebrow design!

Time = Money! In a fast-paced society, we are constantly looking for ways to provide services quickly but with quality. FINALLY it’s in our hands.

Brow Power hybrid dye is extremely fast-acting, and by painting with different techniques, you can get from natural to graphic lines, according to the wishes of each client.

The product has a unique formula – it provides the same long-lasting effect as Henna, but you will not find it in the list of ingredients. This hybrid eyebrow dye surpasses traditional cream and henna products due to its liquid consistency, which ensures excellent results and the ability to form even the most refined lines in the eyebrow area.

The pigment is strong, but harmless to the hair, so even when they have just started to grow, bright hairs that will acquire color will give your eyebrows lushness. The hybrid shade is extremely long-lasting, up to 2 weeks on the skin and up to 7 weeks on the hair.

By the way, hybrid shades are also used in such cosmetic products as liquid lipsticks or eyeliners. This ensures long retention and sharp and precise lines.

Why do we claim that it is a healthy dye for the hair?

The composition is enriched with an exclusive mixture of saffron, alma and aloe, thanks to which the hair acquires a beautiful, healthy and shiny shade. With the help of aloe vera, the moisture balance of the hair is maintained. Various natural plant extracts can also be found, such as damask rose flower extract, which tones the hair.

During the eyebrow dyeing procedure, not only the hair is affected, but also the skin. To prevent it from becoming dehydrated, we have included hyaluronic acid, which is a component that is a moisturizer identical to the skin. When applying dye, the structure of the hair is damaged, so it is necessary to protect it as much as possible. Castor oil and chamomile extract, which are also included in the dye, have the most effective treatment function. Argan oil completes the list of ingredients. It is one of the most valuable oils for hair. Argan oil has a protective function against external factors such as UV, continuously nourishes the hair and helps retain moisture.

With Brow Power hybrid eyebrow dye, you will not only create a wonderful visual transformation, but also get an extremely rich and shiny eyebrow pigment.

It is important to emphasize that Brow Power paint is perfect for shaping eyebrows with the new Airbrush technique as well as standard eyelash dyeing.

Advantages of Brow Power hybrid dye:

  • Contains no Henna
  • Vegan
  • Free of parabens, synthetic fragrances and sulphates
  • Contains natural, hair-nourishing ingredients
  • Enriched with hyaluronic acid and argan oil
  • Strong pigments, also dyes grey hair well
  • Lasts up to 7 weeks on hair and about 11 days on skin
  • 6 colours that can be mixed together to create new and precise tones and shades according to the customer
  • Bottle of dye capacity – 15 ml, up to 45-50 procedures can be performed
  • Shorter exposure time, up to 10 minutes
  • Suitable for eyelash tinting
  • Suitable for shaping eyebrows using the Airbrush technique

We believe you will fall in love with this dye from the first touch!

What you will learn during the Hybrid brows course:

  • Hygiene, workplace preparation – organisation
  • Consultation, client cards, allergy test
  • Products used and working tools
  • Physiology of natural hair
  • Face shape analysis
  • Types of eyebrows according to the shape of the face
  • Analysis of the eyebrows, symmetry and asymmetry
  • Structure of the brows, basic principles and formulas of the design
  • Architecture of the brows, symmetry and exact lines.
  • Proper preparations for the treatments, their characteristics
  • Colours according to the face and hair tone
  • Warm and cool colours
  • Analysis of chemical products
  • Dying with liquid hybrid colours
  • Ombre techniques
  • Contraindications
  • Allergic reactions
  • Common mistakes
  • Aftercare/at home
  • Photography of work
  • Marketing/branding
  • Practice on models

After the course, an ACCREDITED INTERNATIONAL certificate is issued in English.

The courses are intended for beginners and advanced masters who want to learn how to create perfect brows. Start kit includes in the course. You always have a student price discount on the products.

NOTE: The booking is binding, payment is made before the training. In case of cancellation,
a new date is offered, the money is not refunded. Installment options are available.

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