Eyebrow lamination

Eyebrow lamination

Eyebrow lamination – the trend of eyebrow formation. Make-up artists and beauty makers have started using a variety of products on the Instagram network, such as eyebrow gels, various waxes, soaps, to lift eyebrow hair and keep it in place. Aesthetics and eyebrow specialists quickly came up with a procedure that maintains the appearance of this eyebrow for a long time, giving not only the effect of raised hair, but also straightening and coloring, giving an impeccable shape. So eyebrow lamination is a procedure that will provide extremely fashionable eyebrows, remove all eyebrow bumps and keep them stylish for up to 6 weeks. Eyebrow lamination is a great solution to eyebrow problems such as curly, unruly or unevenly growing hair. The procedure is also practical, as the result remains quite long.

Eyebrow lamination with Vitae Brow

Vitae brow Lamination Lotion is designed to open the hair cuticle and break the disulfide bonds inside the hair.

Vitae Brow Fixing Lotion is designed to form new disulfide bonds, creating them in a new position. capture a new direction of hair.

Vitae Brow Sculpting gel is designed to smooth the hair cutter, moisturize the hair, model the eyebrow. Nourish the hair, saturate and moisturize it, maximize its condition after the chemical reaction.

Shape your eyebrows with Vitae Brow and enjoy the perfect result!

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