Coaching before competition

Coaching before competition, Price: 2300 kr, Digital

This course is for those who are going to compete in lashlift or browlift. We coach you up to the competition date, during it and give feedback after.

During this course we go over the rules for competition and explain how you are expected
to work to achieve high scores. During practical work, you work at your location and submit images for feedback. All the assessment is given according to correct assessment protocol.

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

During the course, you will gain knowledge about:
– Choice of model, shields, directions. The length and placement of products, coloring, tips and tricks,  etc.
– Review of assessment protocols
– Focus points
– Final assessment on model
– What needs to be improved in your competition entry.

NOTE: The booking is binding, payment is made before the training. In case of cancellation,
a new date is offered, the money is not refunded. Installment options are available.

With Lash Vitae the synthesis takes place naturally, so after the procedure the lashes grow a little thicker, denser and stronger. Do not expect the effect of careprost. Everything is natural, but the result is obvious!

The compositions have an extended effect, their purpose is an aesthetic, beautiful image of curled lashes, the restoration of the integrity of the lashes from the inside, and the renewal of the lashes, i. giving density and thickness.

The natural but slightly accentuated beauty will always look more enchanting. We each have an exceptional charm in ourselves, so why not emphasize it, and especially in a way that helps revitalize your lashes.

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