Toma Sakiniene


Toma Sakiniene has been professionally developing in the field of beauty for the last 10 years. Her career began with eyelash extension treatment, after which she gained more knowledge and skills in relation to eyelash and eyebrow lamination and permanent makeup. During this time, she reached incredible career heights: she became one of the organizers of the “VIP CREATIVE CHAMPIONSHIP”, a judge of international championships, a trainer at the “TOP LEVEL EDUCATOR TEAM”, the owner of the beauty studio “CHARITĖ” and the founder of the “FACULTY OF BEAUTY” academy. Toma has been conducting training for more than 5 years not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. Her areas of expertise in teaching: eyelash extensions, eyelash and eyebrow lamination, and permanent makeup techniques. The list of her students includes many successful professionals, championship winners. Her commitment is to promote the growth and development of the beauty industry, and she herself constantly strives for the highest standards in quality.

TRAININGS: Lash&Brow Lift/Lamination, Eyelash extension, Brow styling.


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