2 in 1 Lower eyelash lamination rollers – eyelash retaining strips


Features of laminating rollers 2 in 1:
– Rollers for laminating lower eyelashes.
– Support strips to hold the upper lashes so that they do not come off during the procedure at the first and second steps.

Now you can laminate not only the upper, but also the lower eyelashes. This is a great way to give the effect of fuller, longer and more beautiful eyelashes.

Rollers for lower eyelashes and more – it’s a great ”cover” during the procedure. These rollers can also be used as support strips to hold the upper lashes in place to prevent them from coming off during the procedure in steps one and two.

Package: 3 pairs (S, M, L)


  • Three sizes S | M| L – adapts not only to the eyelashes, but also to the length
    of the eye.
  • Keeps the upper lashes in place so it does not disturb the chemical process.
  • Matte surface prevents eyelashes from deforming.


Responsible party: InBorn Beauty AB

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