3 in 1 Eyelash Lamination Roller Set, (7 Pairs)


Eyelash lamination curler set 3 in1:
– L – shaped eyelash rollers.
– Rollers for laminating lower eyelashes.
– Support strips to hold the upper lashes so that they do not come off during the procedure at the first and second steps.

The package includes 7 pairs of laminating rollers:
4 pairs of L-shaped curlers for the upper eyelashes.
3 pairs (S, M, L) of curlers for lower eyelashes/support strips for holding upper eyelashes.

Lash Vitae L-shaped rollers allow you to work without using glue on the eyelid. You only need to hold the inner and outer corners and, of course, make sure that the roller does not slip.

The L – bend makes it easier to place the lashes without over stretching them. The roller has a small belly and is less rounded, so it allows a quick and easy way to lie the lashes upwards, the small lashes will easily lie down lifting the entire lash line.

3 pairs of curlers for the lower lashes and more – it’s a great ”cover” (used as support strips to hold the upper lashes so they don’t fall off) during the procedure.

Now you can laminate not only the upper, but also the lower eyelashes. This is a great way to give the effect of fuller, longer and more beautiful eyelashes.


  • Three sizes S | M| L – adapts not only to the eyelashes, but also to the length of the eye.
  • Keeps the upper lashes in place so it does not disturb the chemical process.
  • Matte surface prevents eyelashes from deforming.


Responsible party: InBorn Beauty AB


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