LED system start kit


The set consists of:

  • LED Lamp
  • Vitae Beauty LED glue, ”1 second Transparent”, 5ml
  • Vitae Beauty LED glue, ”1 second Transparent”, 5ml
  • Protective glasses LED-light ”Transparent”
  • ”Black” tape
  • Thin ”Black” tape




THIS SYSTEM was developed by scientists and engineers using LED light technology. This is a revolution in the field of eyelash extensions, where LED visible light is needed to harden the glue. The result is durable and lightweight. The adhesive vapor is no longer of the same intensity as the fast-drying conventional eyelash extension glue. One drop of glue is enough for the whole procedure.

How does it work?

The glue dries in 2-3 seconds with the LED Eyelash SYSTEM DEVICE. A thin layer of glue ensures fast and maximum adhesion and wrapping of the natural lashes, as well as an instant drying result. The lashes will never stick together again, because the glue dries on a different principle and does not stick to the neighboring lashes. This greatly facilitates the work of eyelash masters. The glue has an extremely low level of odor and vapor (it is not felt by the customer or the master). This does not irritate the eyes, as the glue dries immediately and the glue vapor does not activate even after a shower or exposure to high heat. The glue can be removed with a special remover, in other words the glue solvent.

Advantages of this new technique

  • It is a safe procedure for the human body and eye because the light spectrum shines through the protective glass and the radiation is not harmful to the client or the master;
  • The procedure is suitable for all clients and from now on even allergic clients who have had allergies and eye inflammation for a long time after the usual eyelash extension – will be able to go to the eyelash extension procedure without any discomfort and enjoy the augmented eyelashes for longer.
  • It’s also a huge plus for MASTERS who can’t work with regular eyelash extension glue because they have allergies. This is why many masters in the world end their lash extension careers.
  • The adhesives in this system are certified and work safely without damaging the client’s eyeball or eyelid.
  • You will no longer have to search for a ‘good’ working glue, as you will no longer have to look at the room temperature and humidity with these led glues. Also, the glue is used much less, as one drop is enough for 2 extensions (if it is a short time until the next customer).
  • It saves time because you no longer have to worry about sticking lashes when working. Such adhesion in this technique is simply not possible.
  • The cost of the procedure of course depends on the country, city and level of mastery. Beginner masters in the eyelash extension business will find this procedure cheaper, but it won’t be a double jump from the usual eyelash extension prices.
  • Working techniques (classic eyelash extensions or volume) remain the same as before. The artificial lashes also remain the same as in normal eyelash extensions.
  • The new extension method will attract a larger base of customers as all customers will want to try this 2021 eyelash extension innovation.
  • The glue used for this technique uses twice as less and has a longer shelf life.
  • Tweezers can also be used by master – there is no other specificity for tweezers.
  • LED glue is more durable and elastic, as a result of which the lashes fall out only when the natural lashes fall out or fall less often.
  • The correction is performed in the same way as for normal eyelash extensions (i.e., the removed lashes are removed far from the lash roots and new ones are glued).


P.S. It is true that LED light has been thought to be harmful to humans and the environment for some time, but research has refuted this hypothesis. On the contrary, LED light has been shown to save electricity, the environment and have no effect on humans.

Safety sheets:

VITAE BEAUTY LED Eyelash Glue Drying time 1 second

VITAE BEAUTY LED Eyelash Glue Drying time 2 seconds


Responsible party: InBorn Beauty AB


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